CWS to start recycling service

CWS is proud to announce the addition of a new residential/industrial recycling container service.  This new service is currently aimed at providing residential locations such as apartment complexes, multi-unit condo complexes, and manufacturing facilities the ability to offer a separated method of collecting recyclable materials.

"We're very excited to see where this new service can take us." said Scott Welch, CEO of CWS, "It's something that our customers have expressed to us they want and we're glad that we can provide that service with same level of commitment to excellence they already know CWS for."

The new recylcing container service is currently only available within CWS's primary coverage area, but Scott hopes to expand this area to be available within his full coverage area soon.


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"Thank you for your excellent service.  Your company is very prompt and easy to work with!"

Pat Thobe